Landa Announces 3 New S10 Press Customers


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Landa Digital Printing has announced 3-New Landa-S10 Nanographic Press Customers, two located in the US and one in China: Southern Champion Tray, Abeka and Nine Stars.
  • Southern Champion Tray (SCT)—one of North America’s largest packaging companies—is acquiring a Landa-S10 Nanographic Press. The press is on its way to SCT’s folding carton production facility in Mansfield, TX,
    • With technology investments driven by customer need. SCT’s account managers work with production personnel to find the optimal assets for today’s jobs, as well as future work. Using this type of forecasting, SCT researched and subsequently choose the Landa-S10 for its folding cartons.
    • According to SCT, “We have thousands of SKUs and need rapid response, personalization, and flexibility—all for which the Landa is ideal. What’s more, its extended color gamut is amazing and will provide customers with differentiation on the shelf.”
  • Education In-Plant, Abeka Print Shop, Pensacola, FL—a world leading education in-plant printer serving 1-million students in homeschool families and Christian schools around the world—has ordered a Landa S-10P Nanographic Press. The company will use the 7-color S-10P with inline coater for its flourishing flashcard business and additional products.
    • Abeka expects to add 100 million pages annually, of additional capacity with the S10P. The company also said that it is set to unlock 15,000 hours in labor savings / year—a substantial cost reduction in today’s market. Abeka chose the Landa because it’s the only digital press providing the format & speed they require.
    • Abeka Print Shop’s 98 full-time employees currently print 2 billion pages – or 10-million books, 2-million flash card sets and 2-million miscellaneous education resources, annually.
    • Once the press is installed, the company plans to pull work from its sheetfed press and move short run work from a smaller digital printer to the Landa.
  • Shenzhen Nine Stars Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CR Sanjiu, announce the installation of an S10 Press at Nine Stars’ Longgang (Shenzhen) facility. The company is using their new Landa-S10 press to widen its product offering while streamlining production, replacing traditional packaging jobs with cost effective, profitable and waste-reducing digital processes.
    • Established in 1989, Nine Stars Printing was ranked 49th in China’s top 100 printing companies of 2021. Supporting markets including pharmaceutical, electronics, personal care and food.
    • Nine Stars provides a range of folding carton and label printing services from 3-production facilities in Longgang (Shenzhen), Shanghai and Benxi.
    • The new Landa-S10 was installed at the Longgang (Shenzhen) facility in a new, digital printing center.
    • According to the company, their Landa partnership will assist the transition of the Chinese printing industry to a more sustainable & future proofed technology.
Engineered for the packaging and converting industries, the single-sided B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) format S10 enables just-in-time, mainstream production for folding cartons and POP/POS. The Landa-S10 prints at a speed of 6,500 sheets per hour on standard offset papers and substrates in thickness from 4-32 pt. (0.06-0.8 mm), with a crossover point that can reach tens’ of thousands of boxes.


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