Landa honored with 2018 Franklin Luminaire Award


Staff member
Idealliance & PIA honor Benny Landa with the 2018 Franklin Award for Distinguished Service—the highest honor given an individual by the graphic communications community—at the annual Franklin Luminaire Awards event in New York City on Oct. 17. The award, named for Benjamin Franklin—a printer—has been presented for over 60 years to renowned leaders for outstanding achievements and contributions to American society.

A pioneer of digital printing at Indigo, Landa continues as Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the Landa Group—pioneering futuristic nanotechnology applications in the fields of imaging, energy, and health. He has a portfolio of over 800 patents worldwide and is the printing industry’s & Israel's most prolific inventor. Landa is also a recipient of numerous honors & awards, including the imaging industry's prestigious Edwin H. Land medal.

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