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Hi, my name is Solomon Ijere, from Anambra State, Nigeria. A graduate of Financial Management Technology and I'm in love with colours. I wish to venture into Flex Banner printing services. Please I need your candid advice on the most affordable and less problematic printer for flex banner printing, considering the fact that I'm a novice who only has a little money to pay for this machine. Any advice generally is highly appreciated.



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1. Buy a printer that offers ink choices for you. If a wide format printer salesman says their universal ink will "work on anything" run away. If your number one ink is not working for a big customer with unique material, you do not want to lose that customer. Have a second and third choice of ink available. More manufacturers will offer a good choice of UV inks -- cheap, high UV resistance, rich pigment etc. 2. Ask what type of printheads the manufacturer is using, you may have to stock spare parts and the printheads are expensive. 3. Educate yourself on primers as well. 4. Learn how to service your product.

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