Latest Mail Manufacturing Solutions Showcased at MCS Open House


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MCS—a leading provider of mailing solutions—will be hosting an Open House Event throughout the month of June-2023 showcasing their latest innovations for mail manufacturing.

For the last 8 years, MCS has held its June Open House to demonstrate the latest technology for mail manufacturing: creatively & efficiently. MCS uses this event to listen to client needs while peers meet & share ideas. Most of the largest independent mail manufacturers participate.

The Event features demonstrations of MCS's solutions for:
  • Advertising mail markets
  • 1st class transactional mail
  • Vote by mail
  • HITRUST applications
  • 2023 USPS Emerging Technology discounts.
On display at the Open House—designed to provide greater efficiency & accuracy in mail production:
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Inkjet page printing
  • High-speed inserters—
    • able to process 8,000 to 11,000 (12k cycle speed) envelopes per hour net.
  • Ultra-high-speed inserters—
    • able to process up to 18,000 (up to 26k cycle speed) envelopes per hour net with optional black & white or process color inkjet matching.
  • High-speed card attaching—
    • able to attach cards at a rate of up to 22,000 per hour and can match, read & print cards. The plow fold option is also available.
  • New data reporting capabilities—
    • available on all machines: enable 100% mailings & envelope imaging capture—ideal for HITRUST applications & vote by mail.
The Open House takes place during the month of June-2023 and is available by appointment only. Those interested in attending can contact MCS directly to schedule a visit.


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