Linking Illustrator Text boxes in a .pdf


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Hi Print Planet;
I have a form that I created in Illustrator. I placed text boxes and linked them in Illustrator.
Then I opened the .pdf in Acrobat and it sees the text boxes, and I can tab from one to the next, but they’re not going in the right order.
How can I change the order of the text boxes in Acrobat to match the order I put them in Illustrator?
Thanks in advance - Peace to the Print Planet!
How did you do it?
When you open the .pdf in Acrobat, use the “Prepare Form” tool. It will give you the option to edit the job and when you do that, your text fields should show up. This also generates a list of all the text fields that it sees. You can then drag and drop the order in that list and it will update the order of the links in the .pdf.
The problem I am having now (on a different document) is that Acrobat is not seeing all of the text fields. If I figure that out I will let you know...
Or if you have any tips regarding this issue, I would love to hear them!
Hope you are having a good day; peace to the PrintPlanet


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