Looking for a cored card stock supplier (making playing cards)

For years we've been purchasing our cored card stock from ArjoWiggins. However, our sales rep just told us they have shut down the plant that makes this paper. We bought the last of what was in their warehouse, but no we're on the hunt for a new supplier.

What we're looking for is a cored card stock. Approximately 12 pt caliper thickness. 300 to 350 gsm. If you know of any paper makers that have a product that fits those parameters, please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time.
What does cored card stock mean? Mohawk acquired all of the ArjoWiggins lines from what I understand.
The card stock has a black core. It is specifically designed for making playing cards, so that you cannot pass light through the stock (anti-cheating) and so that it has great snap. Thanks for the tip about Mohawk. I'll definitely check in with them.

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