Looking for an upgrade !


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Hi all,

Am looking to upgrade my current Mitsubishi 1F-5 to a Heidelberg used circa 2002 onwards CD74-5 + C but am too not familliar with some terms HB uses, correct me if i'm wrong, as i can't really find more info on certain specifications on an older machine.

For eg. a used 2007 CD 74-5 LX-C
Autoplate - is there different terms between Fully autoplate or semi autoplate for HB(heidelberg) ?
Preset Plus Feeder - automatically when you key in the figures ?
Preset Plus Delivery - automatically when you key in the figures ?
CP2000 - this is the name for HB version of CPC ?
Axis Control - Fully optic reading of colours ?
Alcolor Dampening With Vario - have some basic understanding of these but not too sure with this term
InkLine - no idea
Auto Ink Roller Wash - Understood
Auto Blanket Wash - Understood
Auto Impression Cylinder Wash - for eg. every 3000 impression, it will auto wash ?
Anilox Coating Unit - does this mean it can do specific spot during coating ?
IR dryer - - Understood
Weko AP262 Powder Spray - Understood
Extended Delivery - X2 - no idea why is it X2, anyone can explain why need to have X2 instead extended delivery ?

I'll give a bit what we normally print in my country

Paper grammage : 60g up to 400g (therefore SM is not suitable, XL is way out of budget, that leaves us with CD)
Colour : standard 1C to 5C
Coating : is a plus point to have as we deal with Fancy Coated/Uncoated papers, to have it to prevent the ink transfer between sheets (on full solid)
CIP3 in colour profiling as our operators are not so talented when it comes to colours, technically more friendly user and easier to teach to a new learner
Size : 21" x 29" is a very good size as for packaging and booklets
Maintenance : for our current 1F, is fairly affordable, am not too sure about Heidelberg, serviceman varies here but we have more technician on Komori/Heidelberg than Mitsubishi.

hope to get some advice and heads up from you guys, Thanks
Axis Control is a spectrophotometer that can only read a single strip color bar, instead of Image Control that scans the entire sheet.
As far as I know, there is no full autoplate on Heidelberg presses of that age.
Press a button, the plate on that unit unloads, remove plate, drop new plate into front clamps, press button, plate loads and clamps lock
Note that you will need Bacher punching on your plates

CP2000 is the interface on the press that where you set up your jobs. It receives data from Prinect Prepress Interface. If you wish to use CPC, you will need a DFE that can output Heidelberg CPC32 format, a licence for Prinect Prepress Interface and, depending on the version, a PC with a parallel port for the PPI dongle.

Inkline - your inks come in preloaded cartridges that drop into the ink ducts, they traverse the duct, keeping the ink supplied to that unit

Anilox Coating, uses an Anilox drum to apply the coating, you need separate Anilox drums for different coating film thicknesses, you can do spot coating either by cutting a blanket or using Cyrel plates.

Extended delivery X2 - allowing for IR/UV lamps to be housed in the delivery, in some cases there may be a set of lamps before the coating unit and another set after the coater.


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