Looking for PDF files to calibrate magnification on Ricoh C9200


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Looking for PDF files to calibrate magnification on Ricoh C9200.
I think other models of Ricoh machines like C7000 series can use same calibration files.
These files should be on CD delivered with a machine, but we can not find them.
See the picture below to see what this pdf looks like.

Ricoh PXL_20230127_011742223.jpg

If you find this specific file, please share with me all other calibration files that you have on CD. We can need them in future.
Thanks a lot!!!

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Here are the most common size we use, let me know if you need a specific size not here.

But I fully agree with Shawnd. The Auto/Manual adjust features work WAY better for me.


  • 11_DLT_SEF.pdf
    845.2 KB · Views: 101
  • 12_Legal_SEF.pdf
    837.3 KB · Views: 86
  • 14_Letter_SEF.pdf
    840 KB · Views: 93
  • 15_Letter_LEF.pdf
    852.7 KB · Views: 85
  • 38_12x18_SEF.pdf
    841.8 KB · Views: 92
  • 43_13x19.2_SEF.pdf
    833.2 KB · Views: 86
  • 44_13x19_SEF.pdf
    833.3 KB · Views: 84
  • 47_13x18_SEF.pdf
    834.8 KB · Views: 84


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