PDF/VT Random incomplete pages


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We just started using PDF/VT, printing to a Ricoh 9100 with E-83 Fiery. The PDF/VT file looks perfect and prints, except we get occasional pages that are incomplete. Out of 7,500 pages there were about 13 that were incomplete. The variable consists of 2 master art layer options and 5 letter options with variables in the body. The errors are not unique to any specific letter or master. I was splitting the run between two machines, so only 3,750 on each. Then dropped to lifts of 1,000. Still too much? Any ideas? Memory? Settings I've overlooked? I went back and output only the corrupt pages and that file printed them fine.
On those 13 pages, what didn't print correctly? Was the missing(?) content part of the static background or the variable part?
Variable. Some only the address info at top. Others the entire letter, but variable on stub at bottom was there. A couple were missing the letter, however the underlines from the letter printed.
Additional note: When I try to reprint the individual pages from the original merge file, they have the same result. So, I'm convinced it's in the file, not the Fiery. Now I need to figure out what to change. Perhaps it is an issue with font information.
Would you be able to upload a couple of the faulty pages (please remove any confidential info of course)? I'd like to try them here and see what I get.


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