Looking for Static Cling or similar that works with epoxy resin

Hello everyone,

Long time lurker, first time question poster. I'm wondering if anyone here has used or heard of a static cling vinyl or non adhesive media (with backer liner) that epoxy resin will bond to and is eco-solvent printable. We used to use a static cling from Flexcon, however a few years back, they discontinued their line, unless you can afford a ridiculous amount from a custom run (unfeasible for our small business). Since then, we've been struggling to find a decent static cling that will work. I've tested all the ones I can find in a google search and it's not a problem of getting a nice print on our eco-solvent printers, the problem is that the epoxy won't bond to it and peels off with little to no effort. We are also in the process of testing polyurethane resins for our application, however we haven't found one that is as rigid as the epoxy, which is essential for our products we make. We currently use a product that works, however is has a thin backer liner which causes us a little bit of headache and a good amount of waste.

I know this is a niche market and not something most people would have experience with, but I'm at a lose, we can continue as is, but would like to see if anyone else has experience and might be able to help make our process work with less waste and aggravation. Thanks in advance.
No, doesn't have to be static cling, just needs to have no adhesive and a backer liner. I will take a look at this suggestion, thanks.


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