LPI on Konica Minolta C5601 with Creo IC-304


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Are there any ways to control the LPI with this printer and RIP? In the creo itself the only options seem to be dot 1, dot 2, line 1 and line 2, without any control on the LPI. And if I try to set a LPI with the PPD using for example adobe software, the creo seems to override the LPI values I enter and do its own screening. Maybe my understanding of the whole thing is not good, any explanation or help welcome


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I don't know your case specifically, but generally with this kind of digital machine you get a fixed set of screenings that were tailored to it, and that's it. Like you said, you can't set your own screening parameters - the DFE simply ignores them. That's not a surprising behavior.


I have the same machine and rip, I've used Dot 1 for everything. When I first got it 6 years ago I played with it and discovered Dot 2 works o.k. sometimes if you experience banding or weird screens. All dot 2 does is produce a courser screen I'm told but I haven't really noticed a big difference. It's only 600 DPI so don't expect too much out of it as far as really smooth gradients and such but if kept calibrated and maintained well it's a good workhorse and produces "very good" prints. You can print using Acrobat defaults but the machine will take over if outside it's capabilities and just print it's default. I also have upgraded to a C1070 for 1200 dpi and print all the more critical work over there. I still love my 6501Pro though.

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