Marking when finishing silk coated stocks. 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P


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On our 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P when printing on silk coated stocks (sheet wise, or perfecting) we are getting ink marking in bindery when finishing. We have used Universal and Toyo inks with the same results. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, has it been corrected? How was this achieved?
When the marking occurs during bindery process is the surface (ink side) coming into contact with any solid metal parts, i.e. stops, rollers, plates?
silk stock is particularly difficult because of the matting agent in the paper which marks without ink. What we have found is adding a extra wax does improve the marking problem
if the added wax has not helped. You may think about covering the metal parts that is coming into contact and causing the marking issues. We supply a tape (NLT) which is a UHMW-PE which is used on presses such as Kodak digital web turn-bars which help wear and scratching of the printed surface it is also used on Komori's and they call it "Magic Tape". If your interested in trying it contact me at 817-886-9250 or [email protected] and we can discuss getting a sample to see if it solves your issues.


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