MetaDimension Printmanager CIP3 Interface upgrade

TYson L

New member
I'm planning to install 2 new Heidelberg presses (4up and 8up) with CIP3. However my agent had told me that It requires to upgrade my current Printmanager in order to include these 2 new presses. Currently this Printmanager is handling 2 (4up) presses SM74 & CD74.
  1. Do I have to upgrade my Printmanager to include 2 new presses?
  2. New upgrade will incur new subscription as charging per metre square? Is it true?
Please advise.
Thank you.
Is there a way to receive PPF file from the Press console without passing through the Printmanager or a CIP 3controller?
In the past, could be done by transferring PPF files from an USB drive


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