Mohawk Paper Offering Ready-to-Use Field Hospital Rooms


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Mohawk Fine Papers has added ready-to-use, field hospital rooms to its lineup of products to aid during the coronavirus pandemic. This was after the company had already turned to producing sanitizer bottle labels and slotting rolls of gowns and masks into smaller sizes.

When staff began brainstorming for more ways to help, they settled on a niche product known as Xanita Board—usually used to construct lightweight, sturdy trade show exhibits—and manufactured by a Capetown, South Africa startup, and distributed by Mohawk in the U.S. The product—resembling corrugated cardboard—is lightweight, can be cut to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and is strong enough to bear weight. No tools are required to assemble 3-dimensional, weight-bearing structures, room dividers and patient beds for use in pop-up hospitals.

Within hours of contacting the suppliers, Mohawk had received a complete set of "cut files," and partnered with DataFlow, a custom printing and signage company in Binghamton, NY to do the cutting. Walls, beds and other useful structures can be shipped with easy instructions and built in minutes, using nuts and bolts shipped with each kit. The units are made from recycled cardboard, and can be stored for re-use or turned back into pulp for paper.

Cohoes company offering ready-to-use field hospital rooms

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