Multiple Saddle stitch 16pp books on the same Form


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I have 6 small 2.5" x 4" 16pp booklets that need to all go on one Press form 40 x 28 sheet. Since they are printing on cover stock, they have to be layed out as 4-4pp schemes. Attached is how the booklets will lay out. Book A will be in the top row and go left to right, Book B will go in the second row down from left to right, etc.

How do you isolate each 16pp book so it can contain its own creep and pages. If you start with 96pp count (16pp x 6 books), it would treat the layout as one big 96 page book. If you create 6 "Parts", each with 16pp, each part goes on their own plates rather than all 6 books on one plate. I can upload the Signa JDF or a Signa export if it helps.

392447 O&H BRAND Wyffels Reward Books Signa IMPO 01.jpg


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I don't know how it works in Signa but in Preps you would define multiple imposition sections on a press run.
Each page is identified by a section number as well as a page number, to define the page flow.
All sections on a press run respect shingling and marks, including press sheet sluglines ($sig variable) and collation marks.


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Yea, I can impose in Preps and XMF. The new company I work for uses Prinect and Signa Station. Online tutorials are sparse. The manual is oversaturated - very hard to even determine what keyword to search their manual that would make sense.


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I found a video where the operator created several Saddle Stitch "Parts" in which he DID NOT assign any plates. He then created a last part WITH a Plate assigned to it. He then dragged over the folding schemes from Parts 1 and Part 2 into the plate Layout in Part 3. It worked in my job.

FYI, the video is here:


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I don't know how to do this in preps as it likes to creep entire page count. I would probably create a dummy book on paper and measure creep. Then use offsets in runlist to manually creep pages. All 1st leafs would be zero, 2nd leaf offsets for example may be -.031 and so on. You would only need 3 calculations for entire runlist. Faster than trail & error method.

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