Need Help with Pisttop Action

I have a PDF that is a 6up tag for a car mirror and I need to flip the bottom 3 objects horizontally so that they are all foot-to-foot. Seems simple but I cannot get it to work.
In Pitstop (13) I have tried to "select objects in region" and then used the "flip horizontally". No luck. Any advice/help would be appreciated.


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Do you have any other pagination software?
We would place the pdf in Indesign and treat it as 2 pictures, or we could change the crop boxes and impose the 2 halves back together in our imposition software.


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Flip in that version only works on a page basis, not on a selection. Rotate would be the best option I guess?
Select objects in Region is the right approach.
Thanks jminrod I'll keep that in mind for the future. Yes I did stumble upon rotate in Pitstop: 1. Select objects inside region, 2. rotate objects (which put the bottom 3 objects on top of the top 3 objects), so 3. Move by (amount needed). Thanks all.

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