Need to duplicate Media selection for plate output


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Changing plate vendors. I want to keep the current settings in case we go back to current plates. How can I duplicate the current settings, change name to new plate vendor and then edit for any calibration tweaks, etc. needed. Most information will be same ( size, etc.) -- just different manufacturer of plate. (Running Rampage 12.3)
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Are you talking about plate settings in the imagesetter, the plate calibrations in Rampage or the plate settings in your imposition software?


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The selection that you make when plotting to a metal plate (i.e. AGFA HEIDELBERG, AGFA AB DICK, etc.) We have 3 different presses and have a setting for each we choose from when making plates. I need to add a copy of each of these so we can make changes as needed for FUJI plates so that I'm not changing the AGFA settings. I have a call placed to Rampage support so maybe they can help me if it's very complicated.

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