Neenah’s Rethink Everything Project Creates Tactile Packaging


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A Salute to Dreamers, Designers and Big Ideas, Neenah Papers’ Rethink Everything is an inventive CLASSIC Papers, packaging design project that tells the stories of 6 creative pioneers who dream big, think futuristically, rethink everything and focus on sustainability. Neenah asked Studio-On-Fire and Design Army to pair up and put their respective specialties to the test in creating promotional packaging that draws the eye and encourages touch.

Working virtually, the two studios created maximalist designs using minimal colors, custom typography, textures, fine lines and different levels of foil and embossing.
Words can’t describe the creations made for this project, but the attached image might create enough curiosity to further investigate their landing page about the project.


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If only it actually was a "packaging design project".
Some would argue that a complicated gatefold is definitely a form of "packaging".
But then, "artistic" creations are not always useful, but they can still be displayed in a museum and enjoyed for beauty, shape and art that they are.


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Plastics in packaging is a massive problem. It would have been interesting to see these “creatives” come up with innovative designs that use (Neenah) paper to replace plastics in actual shelf destined product packaging instead of simply designing complicated gatefolds (which is nothing new) and calling that creative packaging. Missed opportunity!

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