New Add-on VDP Solution from Mark Andy


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Mark Andy has launched Digital Plus Variable (DPV). This is an add-on inkjet module that adds single-color variable data to new and existing digital & flexo presses, and finishing machines, while maintaining the host machine’s run-rate.

DPV is a VDP solution covering a broad range of industrial and commercial printing applications, such as labels, forms, direct mail, tickets, gaming, promotions, tags and pharmaceutical packaging. According to Mark Andy, DPV is a straightforward press upgrade that is an inexpensive low-risk solution with high return.

The monochrome digital print bar offers adjustable drop size to promote barcode readability, while internal heaters minimize the impact of external temperature changes. An integrated head cap & automated service mode reduce printhead maintenance, and promote pressroom efficiency.
More details are available here.


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This is a reliable and well made product. DPI is a stable and well established inkjet company that has been in business for years. It is a good move by Mark Andy.


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