New Predictive Maintenance Services for Presses


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Koenig & Bauer has launched a new program: Predictive Maintenance Services for Printing Press Owners. The program adds another level to press services, along with spare parts, Visual PressSupport, service calls and remote & preventive services.

Using this program, service managers are provided full details of a situation on a given press. Based on the information, arrangements can be made for remote maintenance interventions or service calls, as necessary. A technician can fix a fault within the framework of a scheduled call—during production-free periods—with the customer benefitting from greater production reliability & increased press up-time.

A wide range of press components can be assessed, including: plate changers, reel stands, hydraulic clamping and lubrication systems. Predictive Maintenance applies AI to enable automated real-time analysis of press data. Hidden processes, components and internal networks are also included in the systematic evaluation. In addition to newspaper & commercial web offset presses, the single-pass digital press RotaJET, CorruJET, CorruCUT and CorruFLEX series are also part of the Predictive Maintenance program.


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