New UV-LED Inks for Ambient Temperature Controlled Printheads


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Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the availability of a new Series of UV-LED inks—specifically designed for UV-LED curing—with ambient temperature controlled printheads.

The Nazdar 270 Series low viscosity, low-odor inks offer a replacement for UV-LED printers that do not require an ink to be heated to jet at a certain specification. The company says the inks deliver long-term exterior performance with proven resistance to UV degradation & color fade.

The inks have been formulated to provide 2 years' outdoor durability when mounted vertically, and adhere to a number of flexible & rigid substrates, including:
  • Vinyl,
  • Styrene,
  • Sintra,
  • Foamboard and
  • Polycarbonate.
The Nazdar 270 Series Technical Data Sheet has more information.


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