Normalizing Illustrator files


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I can just open an RGB ai file directly into ESKO PackEdge 16 or... I have to open it in Illustrator, convert to CMYK mode and then export a normalized PDF. Help me understand why I wouldn't just open it without normalizing? I've been told that normalizing with an automation engine ticket is an out of date method and that exporting a normalized PDF out of Illustrator is the way to go.
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No you don't need to convert , you have a 3 chiices
1- save as PDF 1.6 and open it in package .
2- convert to cmyk and export via free plugin to normalized pd
3- leave it as AI and open it in package that treated as PostScript file the flattened
Depend the complexity of the file


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Thanks pam_add. This exactly what I've been doing-just wasn't sure if there were drawbacks I wasn't aware of. The more complex the file, the more inclined I am to us the plug-in out of Illustarator.

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