Océ Arizona 1300 Series Launches


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Canon has launched the Océ Arizona 1300 series of mid-volume UV-true flatbed printers—expected to be available in the U.S. in March 2019.

The 1300 models feature optional light & white ink support, optically clear varnish, enhanced screening, and are able to produce photographic / fine-art applications on a wide range of media, including odd-shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media and unusual objects such as canvas, glass or wood. Customers can choose from 3 models in 2 sizes:

  • Océ Arizona 1340 GT, 1360 GT, 1380 GT: with a flatbed print area of 49.2” x 98.4”, or
  • Océ Arizona 1340 XT, 1360 XT,1380 XT: 3-larger format models—121.3” x 98.4”.

Key features include:

  • Integrated Océ Arizona Xpert technology allowing the printer to learn from what the operator does. Design a job once, using the intuitive user interface, and print. The printer stores the recipe for future use.
  • Instant-on printing, the 1300 series printers are always ready, delivering sharp prints up to 568 square FPH.
  • New LED-UV curing system offers instant-on capability, allowing valuable rush jobs without printer warm up.
  • The built in Automated Maintenance System (AMS) provides hands-free printhead maintenance, restoring nozzle function in seconds.
  • Operators can make last-minute adjustments at the printer, such as nesting, batching of complex jobs, step & repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes.
  • Media switching between rigid & roll-to-roll jobs—at the push of a button.
  • Media alignment—simple & efficient with the built in pin-registration.
  • New IJC357 UV inks are Greenguard Gold certified: may be used in sensitive environments such as schools & hospitals.
  • Upgradable at any time:
    • Add additional ink channels, up to a maximum of 8.
    • Static Suppression Kit provides active suppression of static electricity when printing on hard plastic such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene.
    • Add light cyan and light magenta inks, bright white ink, or optically clear varnish to the ink channels.


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