Ocean trash transformed into Art


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It’s well known that waste plastic is polluting our oceans—between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons enter marine ecosystems every year. But does one plastic straw, bottle or cup really make a difference? Artist Ben Von Wong says YES, it does.

Von Wong builds massive art installations out of discarded plastic trash, focusing viewers to re-examine their relationship to single-use plastic items. These sculptures will make you think about what you throw away.

So You Want to Invest In Inkjet

I Want to Invest in Inkjet, But…
Over the past few years I’ve watched a group of transactional and direct mail printers strategically shift from monochrome toner machines to full-color toner and inkjet presses. Most banished old black-only toner boxes but kept their color toner devices around because they anticipated needing both color inkjet and toner presses to meet customer needs. They were right then and continue to be right today. Because toner and inkjet can be better together. Read the Post