Offset Printer Transitions to Digital in Wake of Hurricane


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Months after Hurricane Maria—a powerful Category 4 storm that devastated several islands in the Caribbean—Collazo Group, a Puerto Rico-based PSP rebuilt with a new Inca Onset X1-LT.

Hurricane Maria came ashore on 9/20/2018—the strongest storm in 85 years—with 155 mph sustained winds, knocking out power, uprooting trees, flooding and destroying homes & businesses, with impunity. Two weeks prior to the hurricane, Collazo had signed a contract for the Onset X1-LT.

Collazo Group owner, Christian Collazo commented, “Part of our building collapsed, parts of the roof blew-off and we were flooded. We were shut-down for weeks, rebuilding, cleaning, with no production running. We immediately spoke to Fujifilm to discuss a delay.”

Fast-forward 2-months after the hurricane, the Onset X1-LT was installed and Collazo Group was ‘back into the full-swing of business, taking about 4-months to ramp-up to full capacity. Collazo prints on multiple substrates, including: corrugated, foam boards, styrene, PETG, Lexan, ACM and PVC. They recently celebrated their new beginnings at a recent open house.

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article