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Dear members,

Does anyone have experience with Flint group ink? Currently, I am in tech sales business and struggling to push two shades for offset sheetfed printing:

Flint Novavit F 700 Speed Plus,
Flint Novavit F 918 Supreme Bio.

I find both ink shades solid for it purpose printing, but somehow people are into Sakata ink, Toyo ink in Balkan region.

If anyone have good/bad comments on Flint ink, please share here. Any advice will be good.
Thank you in advance!

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Toyo ink is well known in our region (South America) due low water pick-up.
Novavit has the best reputation in our region.
Good luck!


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Flint Ink+Huber( or Sun chemical) for 35 years, was installing, and troubleshooting, in differentes offset machines, Are excelents, and good services. They use the best pigments+vehicles+Resins, and good service training for customer, that Normally does have the competence , they offer seminary in SITU, with any customer.

Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441

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