OKI C931 CardStock Printing Very Dull Flat


I'll be honest I am pretty new to printing but I know the basics. I've setup the printer to print onto cardstock & the correct weight.

I've tried a couple different cardstocks thought it might be that (still could be I guess)

I'm using adobe illustrator to print colour profile is setup to CMYK

toner & other parts still have life left in them plus prints fine on paper so this is why I think its a setup issue.

The final print just came out dull with a blue band going through it. when I print on paper the colours are amazing with this machine so its making no sense to me right now.

Hoping someone can help me even happy to pay someone to talk to at this point.

Thanks in advance!
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I've attached them images I also checked out the paper path and noticed the transfer-roller looking a little warn out to me? I've attached image to the post. I guess the other thing it could be is the transfer belt ? But that didnt look bad.
Looks like you need to replace the drums. You can run a full page of 100% Cyan, another with 100% Magenta, etc and you'll be able to see which color(s) are the culprits. Also check the cleaning blade. Looks like there may be build-up at a few points where you have the really defined fine lines. That can usually just be wiped down with a lint free rag.
Okay thank you :) I find it harder to notice on regular paper but when I print on cardstock like this its way more noticeable. I'm having alot of issues on cardstock. Where are these cleaning blades? Are they part of the drums ? Thanks!

It’s located along the left side of the transfer belt (I have the C942 and the cleaning blade is yellow on mine). This video shows how to access it in case you’re not familiar. You can also blow it out with an air can. Just make sure you don’t touch the transfer belt and don’t stand it up on edge.
So I printed 4 solid colors. The Yellow I cant see the lines but maybe because its harder to see. The other 3 I can see lines in. When I checked the belt usage it shows 37% left but when I looked at the belt it did have some imperfections in it.

Everything else has over 50% usage except the black toner at 20%
Cardstock may be too thick for fuser to properly adhere the color to the substrate. There should be a setting somewhere to tell the printer that it's card stock and it will increase the temp of the fuser. Plus, things will print and appear more vibrant on a coated or glossy stock than on an uncoated one.


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