OKI C942 Envelope Printer - run quantity limit


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We recently purchased an OKI C942 with a Fiery Controller and envelope feeder.

We need to do runs of 5,000 at a time or more. We input a quantity of 5,000 in the Fiery, but the machine only accepts a qty of 999 each time. So that means we need to send the job 5+ times. Is there a way to send all 5,000 at once?


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999 limit is with the print driver, should be able to send all 5000 through the fiery.
Thanks Shawnd , but that's the problem we're having. We are inputting a qty of 5,000 in the Fiery, but the printer will stop at 999. Did you have to adjust any settings to make it receive more than 999?


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We don't have the Fiery we use Iqueue on our Xante. If we enter 1000 the machine prints and 999 then pauses and prints one. I'm surprised the Fiery doesn't behave the same way.


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I don't have a fiery on mine, but I did try the Harlequin rip from RTI and it worked fine, just could not justify the cost of it. Looks like RTI did away with the OKI rips so I made a good decision on that one.

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