Online Communities Can Keep Marketing Insights Going During Covid-19


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Excerpted from an article by Adriana Waterston, SVP at Horowitz Research
Humans yearn for connection, especially in difficult times. Yet our desire for connection is in direct contradiction to the mandate for “social distancing”.

Virtual tools—online communities & focus groups—can not only deliver needed research, but can also be a welcome respite for people who are feeling isolated in their own containment zone. As we navigate these uncertain waters, it remains critical to keep market & customer insights a top priority.

We are fortunate to have an arsenal of digital tools to help us stay tuned-in to our customers & prospects, in these difficult times. Online communities can bring almost anything online that can be done in-person, including:
  • User experience testing,
  • Program debugging,
  • Creative & market testing,
  • Brand perception,
  • Product support,
  • Virtual demos, etc.
In these uncertain Covid-19 times, brands can effectively use online platforms as one more place to maintain prospect & customer relationships by communicating, experiencing and interacting with a brand’s products, capabilities, support team & company.

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