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i've been using it for two years. its really good. i wouldnt say its hands down better than esko. they're about the same. a downside is that its a different software. if youre used to working in illustrator then it will take more adjustment compared to deskpack. that said, its really not much of an adjustment. you can set your shortcuts to what youre used to in illustrator.

smart marks for bearer bars work pretty well. i like that i have control over it and can change them as needed without having to buy additional software. i have found them to be a bit buggy at times.

the support is great. i would be surprised if it takes more than an hour to have someone ready to connect with you to figure out whats wrong. there are updates monthly, if not more frequently.

there are some cases where i need to make changes to the original customer file in illustrator before bringing it into Packz but that is rare. in general i would not make a new design in Packz. it is a pdf editor, not a creation software after all.

definitely worth consideration.
Schenkardere, PACKZ is a wonderful product. Especially for folding carton. I sent you a private message. Please tell me if you would like a demonstration.

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