Paper feed issue / Jogger?


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Hi Guys,

I run Productolith C2S in 14pt. and 16 pt. for our postcards. I never had trouble running the 14pt on either machine ---- Canon C700 w/ POD Deck Lite & Canon C850 w/ Multi-Drawer Paper Deck. The 16pt would feed fine on the 700 but not so well on the 850. Now neither weight run on either machine. I can't get more than one sheet without a jam.

It's not really a jam -- more of a misfeed as it can't feed the sheets. The sheets stick together, tend to stay in clumps, and have quite a lot of friction. Hand fanning doesn't help. I tried hand fanning with an ionizing hair dryer and it helps *slightly*, but it's not my answer.

I don't think it's the feeders as they are both different and one is fairly new. My guess is either a paper issue or a weather / humidity issue. We are in a large 5,000 sqft. retail location and are subject to weather and humidity fluctuations. This year seems the worst.....

Would a good anti-static jogger such as the Duplo UJ-500AS help? (We run 13x19 sheets). There are other times a jogger would be nice, but so far it hasn't been absolutely necessary. If this would fix my feed issues I'd be more than happy to get one...


I have a Prisma controller so I don't know how it's done with the Fiery, but there should be something in the advanced paper settings for "Air Separation Fan Level" that might help with feeding.
You are correct. I've spent days trying every possible setting from gsm, fan speed / separation level, etc. Nothing.... The only thing that helps is to take the feed tray apart and apply extra pressure to the rollers. This results in double feeds on the 14pt and an awful lot of time & trouble.

But everything used to work just fine, so I'm trying to figure out what could be different........... The 850 is pretty new so I can't imagine the deck has much wear on it yet.
Maybe I'll pose a simpler question:

Do any of you run through a jogger before printing? Does it help with feed issues?
Do you have the option of parent sheets? Whenever I run 130#C Classic Crest out of reams I will spend half the job fighting the paper tray, but when we order parents and cut down I don't get a single misfeed.
Also, we've never used a jogger, so I'm not sure if that would work.


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