Part Suppliers for Suprasetter (Heidelberg)

Hi Everyone!
I kindly ask our community to share contacts of part suppliers for the Suprasetter line (ours is a A75 Gen III).
Here in Brazil, our Heidelberg Office has almost nothing in stock, so it is the same thing to buy from them or to import from some dealer.
Preferable suppliers would be from US, but of course anything from other countries will be welcome.
Hi Rodrigo
Maybe i can supply, let me know 1) ID plate 2) Serial number 3) Part number 4) Delivery country for freight.

Thank you in advance, sincerely.


[email protected]

Mobile+WhatsApp;+505 8861 1441
Hello all, I have a suprasetter 74 and the acfb board does not start, I check all voltages and only 24V_Sw is not present on pin X104/A26. My question: is it possible that optocoupler is do default. what optocoupler in consequence to be replaceable on backplane.

THank a lot


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