Patent Awarded for Thermo Shield Fire Suppressant Shipping Wrap


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PACT, LLC (Packaging And Crating Technologies) has been granted a US patent for Thermo Shield—a paper-based, fire resistant, shipping wrap—designed to prevent catastrophes caused by lithium-ion battery explosions during transport. The fully-recyclable wrap solution exceeds SAE G27 lithium battery packaging performance standards, is lightweight and reusable.

Thermo Shield encompasses a lightweight pleated material with a non-toxic moisture vapor that can suppress thermal runaway & propagation at temperatures up to 800°C, and restrict the temperature outside the wrap itself to 60°C. Utilizing a technology that actively cools the internal environment of corrugated containers, the paper-based, 100% recyclable product prevents damage to the outside container, suppresses fumes / gasses from escaping and limits external oxygen supply.

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