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Could there be a way to export a pdf from meta, keeping text live - even outlined could do -.

I've checked the pdf export output plan with no success.

Checked meta's manual, nothing there too.

The only options i am given is the resolution to which the file will be rasterizerd, and a ''no change'' check box ( which when i check, no pdf exports from meta )

I'm sure there must be a way to export a non rasterized pdf from meta, -at least it should-

Thanks in advance!

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what is "Meta" ? You mean "export Metadata?"

you wrote;

"I'm sure there must be a way to export a non rasterized pdf from meta"

Is Meta some application I am unfamiliar with ?

Boris Boiev

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As far as I know, you can`t process files in Meta and get vector output. You will always get raster data output. What kind of problem do you want to solve? Maybe it can be done without Meta?


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It will be done without meta.

I'm helping a printer who bought a suprasetter/meta/signa/shooter set his new workflow.

Till now a service bureau made films for them, and before filming they gave him a ''normalized'' pdf to get his customer approval.

Since there's no normalizer option without full prinect environment, i proposed to send the customer a ripped pdf, so the customer would approve a rip safe file.

But the customer doesn't like the rasterized type look of the ripped pdf....

So second best - and last - solution from me is to send them a toolbox preflighted pdf ,with some -or none- preflight tags on it.
-I could also send the report sheet, but if they could read it, they wouldn't made a fuss about the rasterized type in the first place -


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