PIA Announces Revitalization of National Buying Program with Xerox


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PIA has announced the revitalization of its national buying program partnership with Xerox. This agreement offers PIA members the benefit of cash rebates on 7 Xerox products in addition to Tier One Pricing. The agreement between the organizations is effective as of July 1, 2019 and verification of PIA membership is required.

“This program has been one of the most valued by our members,” according Michael Makin, CEO of PIA. “By retooling the program to give members a cash rebate, in addition to special pricing, Xerox is demonstrating they are a committed PIA partner helping to drive the printing industry forward.”

The following products are eligible under the new rebate program:
  • iGen5 150—Rebate: $10,000
  • iGen5 120—Rebate: $7,000
  • Iridesse IR120—Rebate: $6,000
  • Color Press XC1000i—Rebate: $3,500

  • Versant V3100—Rebate: $2,500

  • Nuvera (> 144 ppm)—Rebate: $2,000
  • Versant V180P—Rebate: $1,500



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