polar 78 guillotine


Our polar 78 guillotine has gone slightly out of square, does anybody have instructions on how to square it back up?

many thanks


Well-known member
Typically there are 3 bolts on the Non-Op side of the backgauge. 2 out the sides and 1 out the top. The 2 on the sides are the ones you want. There is typically a nut that locks these bolts in place. Unlock these nuts while holding the bolts from turning I believe the Polars use a 5mm Hex wrench in the end. So how this works is, you must turn one out in order to turn one in. So try loosening one and tightening the other one. This should move your backgauge. When you get your backgauge square, make sure both bolts are turned in snug and the nuts are locked back down.


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