Power supply requirements for HP, Ricoh, KBA, Landa and Kodak


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Hi all,

I am trying to find the power supply requirements of several products. The requirements for Fujifilm, Konica-Minolta, and Kodak Prosper I found on the Internet, but for HP, Ricoh, Koenig and Bauer and Kodak ASCEND are well hidden. Maybe you can help.
The products I am interested in are:
- HP Indigo 15K, 35K and 100K
- Ricoh Pro Z75
- Koenig & Bauer VariJET 106
- Landa S10
- Kodak ASCEND
Any help is appreciated!


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Is this homework, or are you a consultant?
If the former, there's a few of us who will be happy to look at your work and steer you in the right direction, but we won't do the spade work for you. If the latter, then you shouldn't be one.


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Good call @Ynot_UK


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Well, obviously I am not a consultant, and I am not afraid to do the spade work. I have been digging around on the Internet but to no avail, so the next spade in the ground is asking around for any information on where to find this data. Suggestions are welcome guys!


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Asking the OEMs for specification sheets would be my first port of call and far preferable to digging around on the internet and finding something that may be superceded or just plain inaccurate, from an unofficial source.

Depending on the geographical scope of your exercise, the provision of different voltages and frequencies of power systems around the world may be relevant.


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Is there a competitive advantage to be had based on power requirements? I wouldn't think anyone getting one of those would be concerned with that. Not trying to be a troll just wondering.


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Maybe Canon sees the increases in electric costs going up on the other side of the pond and is trying to corner the market on "Green" printers?

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