Presstech 5334 or Other?


Was wondering who else may be running a Presstech 5334 DI also known as the 34DI and the larger 52DI? I've been in training now for 4 weeks and love this thing. I've been in "prepress" for over 35 years and as usual always had conflicts with the pressmen I encountered, but now I r one.
I'm scheduled for official training at the Presstech headquarters in a few weeks and wanted to hear from anyone else out there who's been there done that and what you might offer to an old dog learning new tricks!
Like I said my background comes from a stripping background, where I also learned camera separations, dot etching, scanning on HELL-DC scanners and eventually went to a Scitex work station then into desktop on a Mac in '89. Since the early 90's I haven't seen a press let alone run one, so this is rather interesting for me.

Thanks, Sparky


Re: Presstech 5334 or Other?

Two Things:
1: Take Good Notes!!!
2: Stay at the Crowne Plaza and Remember THURSDAY Night is Prime Rib Buffet there.

Enjoy your DI
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If you can run a copier the DI waterless copier is just as easy. It produces all of our junk mail and low end brochures.
We use large offset presses to produce the quality work and work flow jobs.


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Re: Presstech 5334 or Other?

New service company starting up DSI. Give USE your TROUBLES.803-984-4025


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Re: Presstech 5334 or Other?

I am a little confused on your comment about producing low end brochures on the DI. We produce work thats far outshines work from 40" shops, and there are a lot of printers in our neighborhood.



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Re: Presstech 5334 or Other?

I fail to see the connection between a "Copier" and a "DI Offset Press". Our 52DI has no flatbed scanner or other input device, no auto document feeder, no collator or finisher. But it does use offset printing ink, rubber blankets, standard offset paper, roller wash and so on. There is no way i could mistake it for a copier.

This is our second DI, we wore the first one out. It is producing 300line high quality jobs with colour matching that goes far beyond what even the guys that sold and installed it would expect.

There is no comparison.

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