PressWise Trains NexGen Printers


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Thaddeus Stevens College (TSC), Lancaster, PA—a residential, 2-year, accredited technical institution—educates students in Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, including: layout, design, copy preparation, desktop publishing, film assembly, plate processing, direct-to-plate and press & bindery operations. The TSC staff are very much aware of the shifting trends in the print industry and how to prepare Millennial & Gen-Z students entering the print industry workforce. PressWise, has become an integral part of their training program.

PressWise MIS software is used to create a real-world learning environment at TSC’s in-house print facility, managed by 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] year students. In a recently published, PressWise case study, TSC shares examples of how their hands-on approach has increased student engagement & interest in a production-based education. Using PressWise, TSC is able to bring new skills into the classroom, better preparing and motivating students for an ever-evolving print industry.

“Through the support that we get from PressWise we're able to have our students engage with content that was previously inaccessible,” says Michael Brady, TSC faculty. “Students are estimating, batching, moving jobs through production and invoicing. On a larger scale, they're learning how the back end of PressWise works, such as setting up presses, inputting papers and managing storefronts. Students now learn how the business side of the industry is handled, which is an invaluable experience.”

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article