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Hi there,

I currently send my imposed files from Kodak Preps 7 over to my Meta Dimension RIP connected to a Prosetter52.
The problem I have is that once the files have reached my RIP queue, the file name appears as an 8 digit number in the format (12345678.pdf)
This number obviously changes each time a new job is sent over.

What I would like ideally is for the file name to be kept instead of the file being changed to this randomly-generated 8-digit number.
Wondering if anyone know if this is possible or at least at which point the change happens?

If I save my imposed file from Preps as a .ps or .pdf and then manually drop it on my Hot Folder for the Meta, the file name remains and doesn't change to the 8-digit format.

Can't work it out!


Regards Peter


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You apparently answered your own question always safer to save as pdf and send it over to a hot folder. Best to avoid passing the job via print dialog as you run into compatibility issues. Not worth investigating IMHO ... you didn't mention the OS on Preps host computer, does it use a prinect user account or not, what version and host computer OS on the MetaD side.
Be careful with pdfs though you may want to test various jobs including heavy vector graphics and transparencies - open the pdf file in Acrobat and check the standard being used, preflight for compliance to cmyk output, check overprints and separations a.s.o. before passing to MetaD especially if the latter is an old version.


Contact Heidelberg France, its one click more to solve this easy problem , one click more or less make all the diference.
Why do you all keep working with freelancer, where badly know all the power of this Heidelberg workflow ...fckkkkers


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