Print Drives America Hosts Information Session at Printing UNITED


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The Print Drives America Foundation will host an information session & press conference at Printing United, where they will roll out their latest campaign of ads, posters and mailing collateral. The cheerleader for the National Print Industry, printers have pointed out that they like the razor sharp focus that Print Drives America pays to increasing print’s market share over other media it competes with print for budget dollars.

The Information Session & Press Conference will be held on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 from 1:30—2:30 pm in Room D 220. All Exhibitors, Printers and Editors are invited.

The Print Drives America Foundation and their Executive Director, Marty Maloney presents print as a medium, not just as a manufacturing activity. This allows print to be measured favorably against media that it competes with such as broadcast and new media. Maloney has conducted decades of research that proves that the multiple platforms of print dwarf all other media, by far.

Maloney, founder in 1984 of Broadford & Maloney Inc.—a global advertising, marketing & PR agency—is considered a true media expert. Maloney also has a 30-plus year association with NYU where he served on the board of their Masters Programs in Strategic Communication, Marketing & Media Management.

Contact Marty Maloney for further information and how to become a member at


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Color me skeptical.
This foundation has been in business for several year, however, from the lack of actual content or specific information on the Print Drives America Foundation's website this initiative appears to just be a tax-free income generator through membership fees ($1,000-$12,500) for Mr Maloney.


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