Print Industries Wage + Benefits 2020 Report Released


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Print Industries Affiliates have announced the release of the Print Industries Wage + Benefits-2020 Report.

The largest labor report in graphic communications—it includes the unique impact of COVID-19 on the need to effectively recruit, retain and manage an essential workforce—and is the industry’s comprehensive annual commentary on labor costs & human resource policies of print-related companies. From top management to shipping, the Report captured compensation data from more than 15,000 employees and nearly 500 companies across North America.

Captured data includes wages for most industry positions in 16-categories, segmented by region & company size, as well as:
  • Policies for overtime, vacation, PTO, sick-time, health insurance,
  • Job descriptions for more than 200 industry positions,
  • Industry Segment Reports include wage & benefits data specific to:
  • Packaging/Converting,
  • Tag & Label,
  • In-plant, and
  • Union shops.
Print Industry Affiliate members receive a copy of the published report at no cost. To obtain a copy of the report contact your local Print Industries Affiliate, or go to


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