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Hi Team - We are currently using Enterprise 32 to manage our small printing firm. We would love to hear about some alternative software to do the same, and your experiences with them.
We are a small printery, with only 9 staff, a solo design dept, a single colour GTO, 2 colour Ryobi, Xerox digital press, bindery dept. We produce predominently NCR docket books, and small run colour printings.
We need to be able to control all orders and inventory, and invoicing from the application. To be able to email invoices would be greatly beneficial too. We currently use MYOB for invoicing, but find it doesn't hold hands well with Enterprise.
Any positive suggestions, or warnings, would be welcomed. Thanks.
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We are looking forward to the release of Odyssey MIS. Cloud based, everything-in-one. MIS, Web-to-Print, Proofing, CRM/marketing. I've seen several good cloud based MIS with W2P, etc., but they don't include accounting. It's not all-in-one if you don't have the accounting integrated. If you don't need W2P, Print Shop Manager is an older but very robust program with integrated accounting.

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