Print your own Rigid Prototype Packaging - HP R-Series Latex Flatbed


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HP recently came out with the R-Series Flatbed units utilizing HP's evolving Latex ink technology. The R-Series comes in two sizes, the R1000 64" and the R2000 98" utilizing a hybrid belt fed feeding system. With the R-Series ink technology HP now has the ability to print direct to uncoated rigid substrates, including cardboard. Now companies in the packaging industry can print color accurate prototypes on their material utilizing the HP R-Series 6 color + white latex ink-set which covers 80%+ of the pantone library. Producing your costly prototypes on demand at a very low cost. Some food for thought.

These units range in cost from $160k for the 64" to $220k for the 98". Let me know if you have any further questions, want custom samples, or are curious and want to learn more, message me directly and I'd be happy to help.


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