Printing on Polyprop woven


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Good Day

I would like to know if it is possible to print on Polyprop Woven Tubing using a CI Flexo Press?

We mainly Manufacture Blowm Film Products from LDPE. We having some customers changing over to woven polyprop

We like to idea of giving the customer the option? But the printing aspect of things are uncertain.

Please keep in mind this will be 4 colour simple block printing(no shading). Can the same ink be used? Does annilox rollers need to change?
We dont have Doctor blades installed on this press.

Any help would be appreciated

Contact your press manufacturer and ask them if it can be done!
In theory, I would say yes but my concern is that no ink penetrates through the open mesh (low thread count) and prints onto the common impression cylinder.
Again, in theory, can use same inks, same anilox.
May need a softer and deeper relief plate?
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We were thinking of using Polyprop Woven that has a laminated backing. So ink does not penetrate thru onto CI Drum.


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