PRINTING United—2022 Names Pinnacle InterTech Winners


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PRINTING United has announced the recipients of the 2022 Pinnacle InterTech Awards Program. Award recipients from across industry segments are being showcased in the online gallery found here. In person attendees at this year’s Las Vegas event will have the opportunity to see some of this award-winning technology in person.

The Pinnacle InterTech Awards are open exclusively to PRINTING United Alliance supplier members and recognized by veteran industry judges to be the best-in-class new products created for and by the printing industry. The seven technologies selected to receive a 2022 Pinnacle InterTech Award are as follows (listed alphabetically by company, with the technology named first):
• Barbieri Electronic for Barbieri Spectro LFP qb textile edition,
• Canon Production Printing for Canon FLXfinish+,
• Design ‘N’ Buy for DesignO,
• Kodak for Magnus Q4800 Platesetter,
• Vivid Laminating Technologies for VeloTaper,
• W+D North America for W+D BB1000,
• X-Rite Pantone for Mantis Video Targeting Technology.

We're thrilled to announce that DesignNBuy, INC. Web-To-Print Solution has won prestigious "Pinnacle InterTech Award" for our innovative #printing technology DesignO! Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers, and this award is a testament to that commitment.
In order to receive the best, you must give the best to the world in return.

Double honor for Design'N'Buy: 2022 Pinnacle InterTech Award for Most Innovative Web-to-Print Technology & Pinnacle Product Award for Web-Based Design Personalization Software


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