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Alois Senefelder

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Gentlemen and fellow Lithographers,

I'm beginning to feel like this...........................

In Praise of an Empty Ink Can. by Frank Granger.

Its contents spent,
And sides all bent
And ready for the pile.

This empty can. The servant of man?
I ponder for a while.

With power and force,
It has given voice
To good and noble thought.

With idea and heart,
It's developed art,
From that which was naught.

Good and great
Can now create,
Lasting thoughts of word.

Youth and age,
Can read the page,
And see never having heard.
With freedom it sings,
Just as Liberty rings,
There was power in that can!

To fulfill our needs
And extol our deeds,
It is truly servant of all man.

Regards, Alois

D Ink Man

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Ink is the greatest missive weapon of all the battles of the learned.

Still true, even though sitting in front of this computer screen.


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Automatically Autonomous Automation
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