PS/M 8 - unframing a trapped file on OSX


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On OS9 and using PSM7, I used to be able to untrap a ripped file by deleting the LW and ASSG files, then removing the ".BCK" from the backup LW and ASSG files created by the FAF process. Now that I'm running PSM8 on OSX, the ASSG files and .BCK.ASSG files are invisible (made so by the dot at the beginning of the file name.) So aside from re-ripping the file, how can I revert back to the untrapped file if I have removed the file from the Frame Queue? Accessing the files via File Sharing from an OS9 machine is the only way I can think of, but I no longer have any machines running OS9.
Re: PS/M 8 - unframing a trapped file on OSX

There are several utilities that will allow you to show invisible files in OSX, Tinkertool comes to mind first, you can get it from versiontracker or macupdate. Just check the box "show invisibles" and relaunch finder. You wont want to keep that on though, there are a lot of hidden files in OSX and they hide them for a reason. Don't delete anything other than the ones you planned on, there could be dire consequences. I still use PSM8 for film jobs and I use Presstouch for trapping. I don't remember it putting a "." ahead of the LW file. You dont necessarily have to delete the ASSG file if you open the LW instead of the page and resave.

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