PT-R4000 E09 ERROR (Irregular 5V power)


Hello, I am trying to locate the cause of this trouble (error Exe09) on a TopSetter 74.
CTP cannot be initialized,indicates:
"Irregular 5 V power supply".

The 5V power supply was not faulty but an other PSU was checked just to be sure.
The voltage is adjusted as stated in service manual (5V +- 0,01V) but no luck.

The SM does not indicate any procedure to be performed on this error. :mad:

Is there any hint?
The error Exe09 means the -5V power source for LD unit became abnormal during initializing.

This error sometimes may happen because of electric noise.Please keep monitoring the status of this problem, if it is often come out or getting worst, you may need to check the earth line (grounding line). I request the separated and good earth line (grounding line) for discharge the electric noise. Otherwise the electric noise may affect to the machine, not only this error, also some other error may come out.

Of course, hardware is another possibility for this problem. If the problem still happen after installed separated and good earth line (grounding line). It may be a hardware problem. Please check and try to replace the -5V power supply,, please check also the cables and connections in between RU head and -5V power supply.


Hello, Spapa, how is your CTP.

Please adjust the laser power supply unit to -5.4v.

Then the error should be gone.

Note from Service Supprt:

The revision of the adjusted voltage of –5V power supply (U6)
As the LD drive current becomes larger, the voltage of –5V power supply on the head CPU
board becomes smaller. (The voltage drop becomes larger.) Currently the –5V power supply
(U6) is adjusted as –5.30V. If the Iop values for the all channels come close to Iopd values
(LD maximum rated current), “-5V power supply error” might occur because of the voltage
drop. Therefore, we had to revise the voltage adjustment to prevent this error even though
the Iop values become Iopd values.[/I]
The voltage has been adjusted as – 5.40V to – 5.43V for the machines S/N 251 or later.
Adjust the –5V power supply as follows when you have to adjust it.


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Dear SamFan,
Yes, this is the procedure to adjust the -5V power supply of PT-R8xxx.
Do you think that sharing service information is good to customers. I suffer in my work because every body is an experienced SERVICE ENGINEER and in some way has a service manual of the platesetter. If you have done this procedure you know that it is not an easy work. If the voltage is not properly adjusted you will have always this error. It can be bad connection or something else.



Thanks for the replies. I have checked the -5Vdc PSU and IF I enable it (it has remote power on) it works fine.

This is the first PSU the customer brought to me for inspection.
This PSU has no noticable ripple and is capable of providing the necessary power.

The problem is that the laser cpu board, never enables it (does not activate the small signal rele that will enable the -5V PSU to run).

Dear jpgarcia@stjudeconsulting, thanks for the reply. I have inspected the grounding and seems ok. I haven't yet use the oscilloscope to watch the noise in various PCB power supply till now.

Dear SamFan, thanks for the reply. the laser cpu board does not try to enable the -5V PSU. It justs moves a bit to find zero point and after approximatelly 10 seconds, it produces the error message. I have try to enable it manualy, but there was no change in the message produced. As far as I can remember, I do have adjusted it to -5,4V as a note in a service manual on newer machines indicates. But I will verify it on my next visit to the customer, next weekend. Thanks for the reply.

Dear ansoft: "thanks" for spaming.


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Hello Looking for some help with a Heidelberg Topsetter 74. We are getting this error code E420f: recording head has not been positioned at its origin. ( origin sensor does not turn off.)

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