PURL format question


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We have been doing PURL's for quite a while and would just like some opinions on the formatting...

Some of our customers request:


And some others (the fewer) request:

www.persons.name.domain.com or persons.name.domain.com

In the above example i like to put the www. as without it i find people don't recognize it as a URL...

Our system can do either or more...

My question is which format is considered to be more of a 'PURL' and if you can tell me, which one you think gets a better result ???


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PURLs never really worked well for us. We tried a bunch of different things to make the URL more obvious, including actually including the full "http://www..." lead in to spell out that is was a unique website for that offer/customer. I think in the end it depends on the market your customer is trying to reach. A tech-savvy customer is going to be better versed in URL structures. A younger customer is going to understand the "/persons.name" more easily, as it seems like that's how many ads are structured.

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